About SG Veteris

We strive to create a more inclusive space in the financial world for our business partners by creating powerful brands inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

SG Veteris enables its clients and partners to adopt cryptocurrencies and expand their place within the ecosystem, securely and elegantly by providing client-driven services and products.

Headquartered and actively operating in the EU, SG Veteris is expanding it's customer base and is dedicated to make digital assets available and accessible to many institutions at all sizes

SG Veteris improves and diversify its products and services with highly maintained digital capabilities.

A dedicated requirement gathering procedure enables our clientele to benefit from the best performing products rapidly tailored to their needs.

Digital currency pairing is the key of our business partnership in a volatile asset management environment. SG Veteris operates with 5 different cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and XRP.

Our key difference is enabling our partners to get their payouts in cryptocurrencies. Closed loop investment options in cryptocurrencies also enables our clients to benefit more from the digital assets without holding in complicated exchange onboarding process.

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