We Enable Cryptocurrencty Based
Financial Services

Our mission is to create product & services that securely
fasten and broaden financial services needs via
cryptocurrency solutions.


OTC Trading Services

The Over-the-counter (OTC) desk is for customers who would like to conduct their buy and sell orders via direct interaction with SG Veteris Ltd’s OTC desk.

Payment Gateway Bridge

Gives non-PCI compliant merchants a secure way to process payment transactions. It operates as a bridge between end user and merchant to securely exchanging information and execute payments.

Merchant Module

Managing merchant operations, accessing transaction history and requesting refunds and merchant related events through the merchant backoffice.

Payment Service Provider Gateway

The Payment Gateway facilitates a cryptocurrency payment transaction between an e-commerce merchant and their customers so they can purchase goods \services from their website.

Foreign Exchange System

A foreign exchange (FX) module that updates currency pairs in real time based on a flexible API. Value of the currency pairs can be triggered independently of each other and marked up locally.

Know Your Client (KYC) Services

Module supporting auto upload of KYC documentation to a secure web server. The API construct is made to automatically pull data based on unique identifiers.

Cryptocurrency Trading & Treasury Management

Cryptocurrency Trading and Treasury Management option offers merchants to convert their users’ funds in multiple cryptocurrencies. It enables merchants’ users to invest in cryptocurrencies with competitive fx rates without having to bid in real market volatility.

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